Rent Adventure Trips

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to help our clients enjoy what Wyoming has to offer. Below are a few of the trips we are offering. Inquiry about current dates and rates.

Drift Boat Trips  - Whether you use our gear and guides or bring your own we can help you get on the fish. The Big Horn is a Blue Ribbon fishery home to a healthy and large trout population.

All inclusive Fly Fish the Big Horn.................$300

Rower Service........................................$150

Group Kayaking/SUP           All inclusive ......$4

Day/Night Kayak/SUP on Big Horn/Boysen Lake

Bowfishing  -    All inclusive $175/shooter

Shooting carp on Boysen Reservior at day or night from our jet boat. This is an action packed sport for families, friends and couples alike. (2-4 participants required)

Private Land Wading Excursion -  $50/person/day.   Limit to one group per day to avoid sword fights...

We have several secret spots we can get you on due to friendly landowners that like a little extra fishing money. Includes 1+  miles of river near the mouth of the canyon.

Island Getaway - No boat, no ocean, no problem. We can take you for a day or overnight stay to an island on Boysen Reservoir where you can explore an area virtually all to yourself. We will drop you off with all the gear to camp, cook and paddle your way to enjoyment on your very own island and private beach. Price Varies.