What do I need to rent gear?

The fasted way to get on the water is to book online. You will need to be over 18 or have a guardian sign our wavier and a credit card to leave on file in case of any damaged or lost gear. 

What if we can’t transport own gear?

We offer a shuttle service. See below.

Do I need experience to kayak or paddleboard the river?

No way! Our river is very beginner friendly and anyone can enjoy it even on their first time. We will advise of any known precautions and water flows at the time of rental.

How long is a typical float?

Floats can vary based on the chosen section of the river and water flow. Their are many options near town for a 20 minute express trip to a 4+ hour float.

Do you provide Personal Flotation Devices?

Yes, all our rentals come with life preservers and minors are required to wear them.

Do you provide a shuttle service if needed?

Yes. We typically drop off at Wedding of the Waters ($25 shuttle) and you can float right to our shop or you can continue to the state park for a pickup ($15 shuttle).